Nigeria No. 1 Event Broadcasting and Media Solution.

LIVE EVENT STREAMING NIGERIA is a full video and audio production service offered by Web structures Communications, our post-production and live event coverage team headed by professionals with unbeatable track records in various fields of digital video and information technology to offer a unique array of services such as computer-generated graphics, digital compositing, visual effects for commercial, music videos, broadcast programming and live streaming web video production.

LIVE EVENTS STREAMING NIGERIA was launched to enhance the quality of events in Nigeria and exceed customer expectations by providing Video Coverage, Photography and live streaming of events over the internet, thereby making it accessible to viewers all over the world. Those who cannot attend an event for one reason or the other can now watch the event irrespective of their location in the whole world, they can watch any event from their mobile devices such as IPad, Blackberry, Android and Symbian phones.


Our Team

Akinpelu Yomi
Nwachukwu Dominic
Akinpelu Bayo

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