With most live events there is a physical and geographic barrier that prevents a majority of viewers from attending. Live streaming allows people from all over the world participate in the event. Right nowthere are over 3 billion internet users world wide according to Internet Live Stats.

Live streaming gives you the amazing ability to see, hear and communicate with almost anyone in real time. Whether it’s catching up with family and friends, watching an important sporting event, or locking up a deal in a virtual business meeting, live streaming is providing the opportunity.

Unforgettable moments

For those times when you or family members can’t make it to a special event, live streaming is there. Graduations, weddings, ceremonies, and unique projects are just some of the many events that are live streamed! Special moments like these should have everyone involved and physical barriers should not be enough from preventing you from experiencing those moments.

Reach wider audiences

With live streaming you have the ability to reach potential customers you couldn’t before. Professional streaming services that come bundled with a con5 Live Streaming Solutions That Are Improving The Worldtent delivery network (CDN) allow you to stream to individuals from all over the globe. CDN’s have servers strategically located around the world to give you high quality video. It also prevents your live streams from getting choppy by switching between servers if they get congested with viewers. Reduce operational costs


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